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How to Quickly Get Multiple Job Interview Invitations

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

As a healthy lifestyle coach I know financial stress is one major pillar that can lead to unhealthy habits that can be very difficult to break.

The sources of financial stress can vary from: poor money management, low income, limited income or no income. Having financial abundance is not a magical trick; its the result of consistently providing a service or product to others in exchange for money. The more complex the service or product you provide; the higher the value you can set for the exchange. Entrepreneurs understand this concept very clearly, and its proven to have the power to keep a business in business. Having wisdom and the means to create passive income such as: monthly rent, monthly membership fees for varies products or services also fall prey of this concept. The only sources of revenue flow not subjected to this concept are: illegal activities including robbery, playing the stock market or gambling; and they all come with very dangerous risks.

"Employees" on the other hand sometimes need a more clear understanding on how a chosen profession is impacted by the value placed on their skill-set. As a healthy lifestyle coach career coaching is sometime required to help a client stay true to their healthy lifestyle journey; especially if financial stress is their number one reason for excessive weight and illnesses. As you understand that certain job functions will never pay over minimum wage; it become vitally important to realize the need to learn new skills to solve more complex problems is the key to improving your financial status. That revelation can be a little scary because it usually require more money and time to change your career paths. If you suddenly experienced a light bulb moment; keep reading because I'm going to expose how you can incorporate eight characteristics to your current resume' to increase your value in the eyes of a hiring manager.

Did you know your resume' is not designed to get you a job offer? Beyond popular belief your resume' is a silent marketing document used to invoke the hiring manager to call you for an interview; and you must sell yourself at the interview to land a job offer.

Technology has definitely changed the game in terms of applying for jobs, and it comes with a few challenges to overcome. There are 3 filtration levels your resume' must pass in order to get into the hands of a hiring manager.

Level One:

Once you submit your resume' online or email it to the hiring manager or job placement agent; your resume' is dropped into an Application Tracking Software (ATS). The ATS checks the keywords within your resume' to match the keyword parameters set by the hiring manager or the job placement agency. Job placement agencies collaborate with their clients (the hiring company) to set these keyword parameters to filter out unqualified candidates so the perfect candidate is ranked high for an interview.

Level Two:

The 2nd filter entails passing the "eye-ball" test of a human scanning your resume' in deeper details. This may come as a shock, but this individual is usually not the hiring manger. It's usually someone in Human Resources or an HR Intern further filtering the candidates. They are seeking more details in terms of your prior job responsibilities, achievements and accomplishments that resulted in helping the company make money, save money or both. This is where your job experiences, technical skills, education, achievement and employee loyalty should stand out and come through very clear and at first glance.

Level Three:

The final filter is in the hands of the hiring manager responsible for calling you in for an interview. This individual is looking for two things: how you can help them save money, make money or both. You want to make sure your resume' does not invoke mystery, doubt or confusion in the mind of the reader, but clearly and quickly show your value on how you can help them make money, save money or both.

Within these 3 filtration levels are eight characteristics your resume' must possess in order move you to the next level:

Level One: The Application Tracking Software

  1. Your keywords must match the keywords of any hiring company looking for your skill-sets to rank high as a qualified candidate.

  2. Your job experience language must comply with the language companies use universally for your job functions so you never miss an interview opportunity.

  3. Include unemployment gaps in a positive way to avoid immediate rejection in the event the hiring manager set unemployment as a rejection criterion.

  4. Must conceal your age to avoid age discrimination by certain industries.

Level Two: The Eye-Ball Test

5. Use short action / result sentences

6. Clearly define work ethics

7. Be comprehensive in your abilities to increase your value in the eyes of the hiring manager

Level Three: The Hiring Decision Maker

8. Achievements and accomplishment must be definitive and measurable

As a Kingdom Lifestyle Coach I vowed to never present a problem without a solution, and showing you how to implement the solution will help take you to the next level. My online course entitled "Resume' Transformation Course" is designed to show you how to implement these characteristics within your resume'. It is a 5 module course with 27 sessions depicting step-by-step videos, templates and samples for each section of your resume'. By the end of the course your resume' will be totally transformed and ready to send to any hiring managers or job placement agency. Your investment is a one-time investment giving you 24/7 access and a lifetime membership. I designed the course as a lifetime membership because our world is constantly changing, and when those changes affect the job search industry I will email you when I've made updates to the course. Therefore when you decide to update your resume' those updates will be at your finger tip.

You can enroll now by clicking the picture above to get started today. This course is designed to get your phone ringing for multiple job interview invitations; in order to get multiple job offers you'll need to sell yourself at the interview. I realize job interviews can vary depending upon your industry, your job function and your unique job experiences; therefore, I partnered with Bob Firestone to help take your interview skills to the next level. Bob Firestone is an author, career coach, sales trainer, and instructional designer based in Los Angeles. His "Ultimate Guide" series of career self-development and executive training and products have helped half a million people increase their earning power and career success since 2004. His Ultimate Guide for Job Interview Answers will help you secure multiple job offers. Simply click the picture below to take advantage of his guide:


The Video version of this blog: "How to Quickly Get Multiple Job Interview Invitations"

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