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Is Your Job Making You Fat?

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Unfortunately the answer to that question is "Yes" for way too many, and the sad part is the pounds creep on so slowly you barley notice it until you're about 10 to 15 pounds up. If you find yourself a victim of employee weight gain don't beat yourself up because it's not 100% your fault. It's sad to say this but in our society today it's actually more convenient to live an unhealthy lifestyle especially here in America. The more complex your life; the more challenging it is to live a healthy life.


Business Owners:

Unfortunately business owners are not exempt from lifestyle challenges to maintain good health. As a matter of fact being a business owner brings layers of complexities to life; especially if you are married and have children. If you fall into this category and brave enough to admit it; carving out personal time to take care of yourself is a constant battle. As a result you may find your waistline growing at the rate of your revenue growth if not faster. Take a second to meditate on your health and if you noticed a decline in energy, poor quality of sleep, increasingly short temper or an increase in your weight; make an effort to discover what caused these unwanted shifts. Did you stop working out; are you drinking more alcohol and sodas; are you spending less quality time with the family; are you eating more junk foods; are you drinking less water?

Fortunately the solution to get you back on track is a simple shift in how you manage your time and a mental shift of making "YOU" your top priority. Making this commitment to yourself becomes easier when you realize having a thriving business with failing health is not winning. Your business can continue through new ownership but you my dear are irreplaceable.

Corporate America: Nine-to-Five:

When it comes to corporate America where you're working nine-to-five every week; you're most likely spending eight hours or more in front of a computer. Although helping employees improve their health is a top concern for most employers; their work environment is usually non-conducive to that goal. During your next opportunity exam your break room; chances are you'll see a snack machine filled with sugary treats, sodas of all kinds, a coffee counter filled with a variety of flavored creamers, and tons of "fake" sugar. If you're lucky you might have filtered water available or free bottles of water stocked in the refrigerator.

In addition to your sabotaging break room; your company celebrations usually involve food being catered in or dining out as a group. Every time one of your co-workers celebrates a birthday you get cake shoved in your face. Don't forget about that co-worker with the community candy jar sitting on their desk waiting to help you mindlessly eat unwanted calories all day long; and the co-worker that stop by the local donuts shop every morning to sit dozens of donuts on the table with a sign that says "Help Yourself". Oh yeah and don't forget about the holidays! Halloween is the demonic holiday that kicks off the winter weight gain. I know you have colleagues that feel compelled to drop off daily treats leading up to Halloween, and if you actually take your children trick-or-treating...resisting your favorite candy becomes a scary challenge too; and then comes Thanksgiving. You have your company Thanksgiving celebration; you have your family Thanksgiving celebration which can sometime involve house hopping; and you might have Thanksgiving celebration with other organizations you're involved with. At this point you may be about 10 to 20 pounds up if not more, but it's not over because Christmas repeats the cycle.

The Solution for Business Owners & Nine-to-Five Workers:

Just as I stated earlier the solution involves a shift in managing your time and making a mental shift of making yourself a top priority. My book entitled "The Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles" touches every pillar of you life to help you make these shifts for permanent weight loss. The workbook entitled "Operation Life Re-Map for Divine Health" is the companion to the book to help you walk out the steps you'll need to make. Everything I revealed in these books have allowed me permanent weight loss since 2009. Permanent weight loss is not just about changing your diet & exercising. It includes addressing the root cause(s) in terms of spiritual and emotional issues forcing you to repeatedly make unhealthy decisions. To get a copy simply click the picture to invest in yourself today.

Corporate America: Traveler

If you have to travel extensively for a living it brings a whole different set of challenges you must learn to overcome in order to be healthy and keep your weight down. Traveling involves a lot of stress and uncertainty which can lead to bad health habits. You may find yourself not drinking enough water; inadequate sleep; eating a lot of processed foods or foods with preservatives due to convenience; not working out and staying in a chronic state of stress which leads to elevated cortisol levels. These challenges are a blue print for massive weight gain and metabolic diseases like: high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, leaky gut, arthritis, and cancer just to name a few.

From 2006 to 2009 I suffered from these unique challenges. In a span of three years I gained 40 pounds where my weight went from 125 pounds to 167 pounds on my 5'1 frame. In late 2009 is when I decided not losing weight was no longer an option (The Mental Shift). Unfortunately I made this decision while traveling for a living, and as you can tell from the survey conducted by Career Builders I had to come up with a un-fallible plan. As I started my journey I journal every trick, secret and routine to help me overcome all sabotaging temptations. After experiencing massive success my friends were amazed at my transformation and to be honest with you so was I. Later I realized my un-fallible blue print for staying on track while traveling must be shared with the world to help others suffering from the same battle.

I revealed everything in my book entitled "How I Lost 40 Pounds in 90 Days While Traveling". This book focus on showing you how to prioritize your time for weight loss success and to encourage a mental shift for permanent success. Here's even better news; all the tricks, secrets and routines can be supplemented with any weight loss program regardless of your working a nine-to-five or running your own business. Of course some tricks, secrets and routines are unique for travelers, but many can be used by business owners and individuals working nine-to-five in an office setting. To get a copy simply click the picture to invest in yourself today.

In Good Health,

Trina Claiborne, Author & Kingdom Lifestyle Coach

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