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Veggie Pulp Tortillas by Trina

Veggie Pulp Tortillas by Trina

This recipe is definitely a Keto friendly substitute for bread wraps and a great vegetarian wrap. It's made from the pulp created while juicing your vegetables void of any fruits; it yields about 3 medium sized tortillas plus chips.

Ingredients: Tools Required:

3 Cups of vegetarian pulp Parchment Paper

1 Cup (8oz) Soft Silken Tofu White Rice Flour

1/2 Cup Sundried Jillian Cut Tomato Rolling Pen

1 Cup Flax Meal Large round flat baking plate

1/8 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil Puree Mixer & Large Bowl

1/2 Teaspoon pink Himalayan Sea Salt 7.5in round saucer plate.

Prepping the Pulp:

  1. When juicing with vegetables for this recipe only use the leaves. Enjoy the juice, but instead of discarding the stems; freeze them in a zip lock bag to make veggie broth at a later date especially if you used organic vegetables.

  2. Take the pulp from your juicer and use a food chopper to break them up into more smaller pieces.

  3. If you're not ready to make your tortillas at this time; simply freeze it in a Debbie Meyer green bag container.

Tortillas Preparation:

  1. Pre-heat the oven at 350 degrees.

  2. In a large bowl mix the pulp, flax meal and sea salt together.

  3. In a puree mixer, puree the tofu, sundried tomatoes and olive oil until creamy. (If you purchased the whole sundried tomatoes; place them in first with the oil to help break up the firm tomato skin before adding the tofu.)

  4. Fold in the puree mixture with the dry ingredients.

  5. On a flat surface, take a sheet of parchment paper and sprinkle about a teaspoon of rice flour to prevent sticking. Take your fingers to spread it out and cover the entire surface area of the tortilla once laid over the rice flour.

  6. Separate the mixture in three parts as this recipe yields about 3 round 7.5 in tortillas. To make more tortillas just us a smaller round template to score out your tortilla.

  7. Take the mixture and mold it until its round and flat like a hamburger patty and place it in the center of the rice flour covered parchment paper.

  8. Take another piece of the parchment paper and cover the top of the pulp patty.

  9. Using a rolling pen to flatten out the pulp in a round motion just like making pizza dough.

  10. Rub your hand over the top to feel for your desired thickness.

  11. Once you've achieved your desired thickness; do not just rip the parchment paper off. To remove the top parchment paper without tarring the tortillas; apply a little pressure with one hand on top while pulling the parchment paper upward and away from the tortillas as the pressure hand moves down the tortilla.

  12. To cut/score the tortillas; place the 7.5 round saucer plate (or what ever round tool you use) on top of the tortilla and press down. While pressing down, take the back of a butter knife to score the edges and make sure it is completely separated.

  13. To make chips with the remaining scraps; simply score the scraps in a tri-angled shape or re-knead them into a round ball and make more tortillas using steps 7 through 12 above.

  14. Transport the pre-cut tortillas AND parchment paper onto your flat baking sheet.

  15. Bake for about 20 to 25 minutes or until a dark chocolate brown color with the firmness of a soft tortillas.

Note: Once you've made your tortillas it's okay to freeze them if you're not ready to eat. Just remember to take them out of the freezer and let it sit at room temperature, and they are ready to eat.

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