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This page is NOT visible to the general public!  Download the Free workout guide now.  See your EXCLUSIVE OFFER below!


for making the first steps to a firmer you.  This workout guide removes all the guessing and include flexibility according to your fitness level and workout time allotment.  Each exercise comes with pictorial demonstrations as well as written step-by-step execution for proper form.  A few of the exercises will direct you to an exclusive video for more detailed execution and safety tips.  

I am very grateful to be apart of your fitness journey and see you achieve fitness goals you never dreamed possible.


In Good Health,



Trina Claiborne, Healthy Lifestyle Coach



The Gut & Butt workout guide is a companion to the 30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting System.  This system is strategically designed to target your stubborn lower body fat and abdominal fat by manipulating your hormonal environment.  This process is accomplished with the exercises within your workout guide and the dietary regimen included with the 30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting System.  

In addition to the workout guide, this system includes:

  • The Main Manual - an overview of the entire system with step-by-step guidance.

  • 4-Week Transformation Tracking Chart - allows you to track your weekly progress. 

  • Dietary Guide - Identifies servicing sizes for each food categories (protein, legumes, category 1 vegetables, dairy, fruits, nuts, & oils) 

  • Daily Dietary/Activity journal - allows you to journal your daily meals, workout efforts, sleep patterns and water consumption.

  • Workout Journal - to log your workouts to see how you've progressed

  • Hidden Sugar Names List - To help reveal unwanted sugar in-take when shopping

  • Body Composition Chart - used to help identify your health risk based upon your body fat composition.

This system is valued at $797, and is available to you exclusively at 94% discount!

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