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Permanent Lifestyle Transformation System
(PLT System)

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This online course will take you uniquely step-by-step to lose weight permanently.  Diet and exercise are the most commonly known elements involving weight loss, but  there are many pathways impacting your ability to lose bodyfat and keep it off for the rest of your life.  The PLT System is comprised of three stages:

  • The Get Well Stage - Reveals metabolic issues that's preventing weightloss and solutions to force your body to regain metabolic stability.

  • The Fat Loss Stage - Activates your unique failed fatloss pathways to help jump start weight loss uniquely according to your microbiom.

  • The Maintenance 4Life Stage -   Reveal dietary adjustments and protocols to handle life situations concerning:  dinning out, holidays, birthdays, marriages, divorces or any event concerning dietary choices.  

This online course is perpetually updated with new science discoveries, provides exclusive membership to the Body Transformer Face Book Group, and free access to webinars, seminar and live events hosted by Kingdom Lifestyle Coach Trina.   Schedule FREE CONSULTATION

Your resume' is a silent marketing document that should showcase your skills, experiences, and accomplishments in such a way that compels multiple hiring managers to seek you for an interview.  This online course will strategically guide you step-by-step on how to increase your value uniquely on your aka resume' to help increase salary offers.

Check out the videos entitled "Top 6 Reasons Why Resumes Get Rejected" and the video entitled "How to Quickly Get Multiple Job Interview Invitations" 


*Effective Jan 1, 2021 this online course includes a $1.99 lifetime monthly membership fee.  Membership can be cancelled at anytime.

The Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles

The Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles is an interactive course designed to reveal all internal (spiritual & emotional) and external factors driving your decisions to continuous weight loss struggles. As you discover your unique factors, this course will help guide you into re-mapping your life & mind-set to implement the Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles to achieve permanent weight loss. 

Operation: Life Re-Map for Divine Health Workbook is the companion to "The Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles.  This book is used to construct your unique plan for re-mapping of your life according to the internal and external factors responsible for your battle with weight as revealed in "The Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles".

"How I lost 40 Pounds in 90 Days While Traveling" is a fool proof blue print to overcome weight loss challenges while traveling; as traveling can be a major weight loss sabotager.  Although losing weight has its own challenges; traveling present additional unique issues especially for international business owners, actors, evangelists, trucker, real estate agents and other outside sales agents. This book not only reveals traveling challenges, but also reveals all the winning tricks, secrets, and resources developed and established by Kingdom Lifestyle Coach Trina Claiborne; aka “The Excuse Buster”.   The tricks, secrets, and resources revealed within this book will help you overcome traveling challenges and can be incorporated with any weight loss program.

How I Lost 40 Pounds in 90 Days While Traveling

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