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Although I am a certified personal trainer and figure competitor, being a health/wellness coach is my true passion.  I partnered with Take Shape for Life to increase my abilitly to coach anyone, anywhere in the United States. The video below will enlighten you on why I made this awesome decision:

To learn how Take Shape for Life works click HERE.


Choosing this option as your vehicle to optimal health allows you to get my coaching at no cost.  That was another reason I partnered with Take Shape for Life.  The MediFast meals are replacement meal that taste delicious and yes it is real food.  This system is designed to modify your behavior and habits to keep you healthy for the rest of your life.  To contact me about this program, click HERE to fill out the "Client Profile" form.  


Take Shape for Life has programs designed for clients with:  Diabetes, Gout, on Coumadin (Warfarin), Nursing Mothers, Senior, Teens, Vegetarians.  We recommend consulting your physician before starting this or any weight loss program.



On this program you have access to Lean & Green recipes that are delicious and you can share your own recipes.

In case you are curious about the MediFast replacement meals, below are just a sample of a delicious few.

Chicken with Rice & Vegetables.

Turkey Meatball Marinara.

Chicken Cacciatore

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