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for making the decision to invest in "You"! Being apart of The 30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting's inner circle means you have exclusive access to videos demonstrating glute focused workouts executed un-traditionally on traditional equipment.  Lower body focused exercise videos will continue to be uploaded to this page.  To gain access, click HERE, and the password is "BetaBabies" (case sensitive).  On this page, you'll also find blank templates for the: 4-Week Tracking Journal, Daily Dietary & Activity Journal and Workout Journal.  

Most "Transformer" experience significant fat loss after the first week; therefore, I encourage you to take your before pictures as soon as possible. Secondly, I encourage you to invest in a smart scale to track how your body is responding to reveal any dietary adjustment needs.

You can choose the scale of your choice by clicking HERE.

 Also as a "New Transformer" you'll be the first to hear about our fitness & weight loss tips, recipe contests, new weight loss resources, techniques, new products, books, webinars and seminars on fitness.  

I am very grateful to be apart of your fitness journey and see you achieve fitness goals you never dreamed possible.

In Good Health,

Trina Claiborne, Kingdom Lifestyle Coach

This page is NOT visible to the general public!  Download the manual and workout guide now.

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