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The same Passion for           Women Total Health!

Trina Claiborne, Author & Kingdom Lifestyle Coach

Trina became a born again Kingdom Christian in March 2000.  She is fulfilling God’s mandate on her life to help the Body of Christ prepare for the bride-groom in terms of physical health and fitness; especially the women due to our complex weight loss challenges. She strongly believes women have the power to set the tone within a home; therefore, it’s vitally important for us to feel energized and happy with our reflection in the mirror and our life continuously.  In addition to being a published author, Trina is fulfilling this mandate as a motivational speaker, healthy lifestyle coach, personal trainer and her experience as a figure competitor.  Her coaching sessions are based on two truths:  

  1. Everything that exist in the natural realm was first created in the spiritual realm.  

  2. The human body is very complex, but 100% predictable when it comes to weight loss. 

The Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles
Operation Life Re-Map for Divine Health Workbook

Trina Claiborne is the author of ‘The Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles” and the companion work book entitled ‘Operation: Life Re-Map for Divine Health”.  This course takes into consideration your life complexities that contributes to the root cause(s) of your weight loss & fitness challenges.  It is designed with 4 major winning benefits to help you:

  1. Discover your life purpose as it relates to your weight loss struggles

  2. Reveal ALL internal and external factors preventing your weight loss efforts

  3. Expose a clear picture where you are in the process

  4. Guide you in developing a life re-map plan for permanent weight loss

Author, Speaker, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer and Figure Competitor

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