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Unlock the Mystery to Get Rid of Saddle Bags, Thunder Thighs, Sagging Butts & Belly Fat Permanently!

30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting System!

Ever stared at yourself in the mirror naked and wish you could magically make your saddle bags, thunder thighs, sagging butt and belly fat disappear forever?
Or often wish you could have opted out of inheriting these undesirable traits from your family genes?
Or often wondered if it's possible to reshape your lower body permanently? 
If you want to unlock the mystery of getting rid of your stubborn saddle bags, thunder thighs, sagging butt and belly fat permanently and easily....
You've come to the right place!
A message from Coach Trina, aka
"The Excuse Buster"
I'd like to help you achieve results you never dreamed possible!

The 30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting System is 'The Map' to unlock the mystery of targeting stubborn lower body fat.  

Getting rid of lower body fat is very frustrating for many women.  So if that's you, I want to reassure you, you're not alone.

It can be really daunting and disappointing to realize that you've invested in a weight loss program or performed hours and hours of high intensity training but when you look in the mirror all you see is a smaller version of your original shape; your saddle bags are still hanging around, your butt still jiggles, your six-pack abs still hiding and your thighs still clap like thunder.

Trina Claiborne

Pear Shape Inheritance - The Beginning

My name is Trina Claiborne, healthy lifestyle coach, personal trainer, motivational speaker, figure competitor and author.  I’m the creator of the 30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting System.  Unfortunately as you can see from the photo on the left, I genetically inherited the “pear-shape”!   

Over the years of never giving up; I eventually achieved permanent weight loss success, but reshaping my lower body was a major challenge and I assumed I had to live with it.    


In 2012 and at the age of 47 I was brave enough to enter my first bikini competition and that’s when I truly saw the difference in my lower body compared to my competition, but I still refused to give up.

In 2014 I trained hard and adapted a traditional competitors’ diet, but to my disappointment; my lower body was no better.

In 2016 I took on a whole different approach.  I went on a quest to discovery why it’s so difficult to get rid of lower body fat for so many women; especially pear shaped women like me.

2016 Figure Competition

2014 Figure Competition

As it turns out my hunch was correct.  Stubborn lower body fat contains unique properties that resist metabolizing by use of traditional dieting and high intensity workouts.


Fitness is my passion and I’m even more passionate about helping other women overcome weight loss challenges because we have so many factors fighting against our biggest desire of looking good and feeling our best.  


It breaks my heart to see women spending a lifetime on fad diets and exercising to no end, but never getting the desired results.     

Very often, the reason behind both success AND failure is applied knowledge of truth. 


Understanding how to force your body to target stubborn lower body fat is the key.  If you know how to synergistically perform the right type of exercises and consume the right dietary regime, you will succeed.  And if you don’t have this knowledge, your battle is never ending. 

After winning my own lower body fat battle and seeing how hard it is for other women to get rid of their lower body fat, I decided to share my powerful program that reshaped my lower body beyond my imagination. 

The 30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting System is designed to FORCE your body to activate beta fat cell receptors found in the hips, thigh, abdominal and butt areas.

I imagine you want a program that’s easy to follow, no guessing on how to get started, no calorie counting, and results that’s easy to track and measure.


That’s how and why I designed the 30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting System.  Because for once and for all, you need to win your lower body battle so you can spend your valuable time giving back to the world in your own unique way with joy and confidence.    

And this program will help you achieve just that and set your free!

Top 3 mistakes that have sabotaged your lower body fat loss efforts!

Mistake #1:  Consuming carbohydrates before & during your workouts for energy.

This advice is excellent for professional athletes working out extended periods of time at high intensity or for professional body builders with massive muscle mass, but for individuals with stubborn lower body fat challenges; this advice can be detrimental and counter productive towards your goal.

Mistake #2: Maintaining a low calorie & low fat diet with high intensity workouts. 

Keeping your calories too low increases the possibility of muscle depletion during high intensity workouts; which results in a decreased metabolism, and make permanent fat loss a major challenge.  Most low fat foods compensate the taste by adding extra sugars; which increases your carbohydrate intake unawares.

Mistake #3:  Consuming a high carbohydrate laden breakfast to break the fast from a good night’s sleep.

Although having fresh fruits, or whole grain oats, toasts or bagels are much better choices than sugary based pastries and cereals; these foods still invoke the “vicious cookie cycle”.

The vicious cookie cycle is a term coined by Metagenics, and refers to a false hunger induced after eating carbohydrates causing your blood sugar to drop rapidly as insulin is introduced into the blood stream to carry glucose to your cells.


Coupling this type of breakfast with a mission to lose stubborn lower body fat will not only trigger hunger quicker and more frequently throughout the day, but results in overeating.  

When it comes to body fat, all fat cells have two fat cell receptors:  Alpha receptors and Beta receptors.  Alpha receptor inhibits (prevents) fat burning by restricting blood flow through the fat cell.  Beta receptor increases fat burning by allowing blood to flow through the fat cell.
In addition to blocking blood flow, these alpha receptors also prevent necessary hormones from reaching the fat cells.
Creating the hormonal environment to deactivate alpha receptors requires synergistic manipulation of hormones released by consuming the right diet and executing the right type of exercises.
In the absence of insulin and the presence of lactic acid in the blood stream allows the production of natural Growth Hormone (GH); which stimulates beta receptors, and force fat loss in your stubborn fat areas.

I imagine this is not your first attempt to lose weight and I'm sure you've successfully achieved weight loss in the past.  If that's you, have you notice certain areas seem to lose fat at a much faster rate; especially comparing to your lower body?  What I'm about to share with you is a more complex process, but I want to keep it simple for your understanding.

Unfortunately, women have more alpha receptors in the lower body region than men; making it very difficult for us to get rid of saddlebags, sagging butts, thunder thighs and belly fat.  I realize this is very frustrating, but it is linked to our childbearing responsibilities as well as being passed on genetically for many of us.   
The diagram above indicates the correlation of GH production over time in relation to the designated weight training styles.  NOTE: The chart does not take into consideration the diet required to make this possible.

The 30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting System is synergistically designed in a step-by-step fashion to create the hormonal environment required to force your body to burn fat targeting your saddle bags, thunder thighs, sagging butt and belly fat.  

You know that old Chinese proverb about the best time to plant a tree?
Welcome to step one to end your lower body fat loss battle.

I believe it is very important for everyone to use their life to bring blessing to others.  My weight loss struggles and how I overcame those challenges positioned me to be a blessing to anyone suffering with the same struggles.  As I uncovered and applied this knowledge of truth, that’s when my lower body transformed massively.  

What's Included?

  • The Main Manual – an overview of the entire system with step-by-step guidance.
  • 4-Week Transformation Tracking Chart – allows you to track your weekly progress by initially entering your:  starting weight, body fat%, muscle%, bone%, water%, hip, right & left thigh measurements.  This is where you attach your before & after photo.
  • Dietary Guide – Identifies serving sizes for each food categories (protein, legumes, category I vegetables, dairy, fruits, nuts, oils and grains) as well as an approved list of foods for each category.  This guide also includes the number of servings per day for each category during the four week period.  The food list allows you to be creative with menu creations.
  • Daily Dietary/Activity Journal – allows you to journal your daily meals, workout efforts, sleep patterns and water consumption.
  • Workout Guide – Outlines the workout format with photo illustrations and step-by-step proper execution instructions for each exercise.  These workouts are designed with built-in progress; therefore, as your body adapts you can progress to the next fitness level.
  • Workout Journal – allows you to log your workout reflecting the weights used & number of reps, and allow you to be creative in selecting the exercises from the workout guide.
  • Hidden Sugar Names – Exposure list of sugar names found in food labeled “No Sugar Added”.
  • Body Composition Chart – used to identify your health risk based on the amount of fat carried.



Starting with week 2, you get 4 one-hour Results-Coaching sessions with me.  As I am passionate about your success, I’m committed to answer all your questions, review your dietary-activity journals, workout journals and your 4-week progress tracking chart.

You can email or fax your questions along with your completed journals and tracking chart, and I will respond by email Monday-Friday. (all documents required for response)

This means you get private instructions from me steering you to success.  If I charged for this access you’d pay up to $150/hour for this private coaching.  But you get 4 sessions INCLUDED as part of your enrollment! 

Plus as a Body Transformations by Trina subscriber; aka "Transformer", you’ll be the first to hear about exclusive webinars, and seminars offered to members at no cost.

What makes the 30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting System different from other weight loss program?

The 30 Day Gut & Butt Fat Blasting System was designed based on the fact that the human body is extremely complex, but 100% predictable when it comes to fat loss. 
After discovering how and why your body can and will prevent fat metabolism in the lower body areas, it also revealed how to reverse it.  The specific exercises and dietary regimen within this system are synergistically designed to create the hormonal environment required to FORCE your body to metabolize lower body fat more efficiently; as a bonus, you’ll lose fat in other areas as well. 
This system is not for you if:
  • You love your saddle bags, thunder thighs, sagging butt and belly fat.

  • You want to continue eating whatever your heart desire, and hope your lower body fat will some day disappear.

  • You are convinced your current program will eventually work some day.  

  • You hate working out or refuse to work out.

  • You are okay with working out, but prefer to continue performing high intensity exercises that's ineffective in reducing stubborn saddle bags, thunder things, sagging butts and belly fat. 

Bottom transformation is possible when you have the right tools and the right mind-set to make it happen.  This is where you can start 2017 with the right tool to help you achieve fitness goals you never dreamed possible.

Total Value $150

50% SAVINGS                         $75

Get Started Now

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q.  Will I lose weight in other areas like my arms, back and shoulders?
A.  Yes.  You will experience weight loss throughout your entire body just as normal, but the bonus is successful weight loss in your lower body more efficiently.  In addition to pear shaped individuals, this system is just as effective for apple shaped individual; suffering from chronic stress or hypothyroidism.  
Q.  Can I stay on the plan past 30 days?
A.  Yes.  Consulting with your physician before starting this system or any weight loss system is highly advised.  This program can be repeated if your energy level is still normal to high, and you’re consistently achieving at least 2 to 4 bowel movements per day by eating lots of green leafy vegetables, drinking plenty of water and consuming the right amounts of good fats as directed in the program.
Q.  How does it work?
A.  This system is extremely simple and flexible to meet your fitness level and time schedule allotment.  The dietary guide not only identifies the definition of a serving size for each food category, but it includes the number of serving size for each food categories week by week.  It also includes a list of foods for each category allowing creativity for menu creations.  The food items included on the exclusive food lists are synergistically selected along with the workouts to achieve the desired results of the program.   The workout guide provides detail guidelines for success, exercise descriptions with photo illustration and step-by-step execution guide.  The workout journal & dietary journal invokes accountability for your actions that produced the results logged in your 4-week progress chart.

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