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Looking for a DYNAMIC SPEAKER?  Please complete and submit the form below to schedule a speaking consultation or call 770-262-6340.

  Trina's Speaker One Sheet (printable)

The type of events Trina is available for are:

  • Churches & Small Groups

  • Networking & Association Meetings

  • Fitness Centers

  • Corporate Wellness Speaker

  • Radio Shows

  • Seminars & Conferences

  • Tele-Seminars & Summits

  • Teachers/Employee Appreciation Day

  • TV Shows

  • Webinars

Trina's most frequently asked questions are:

  1. How to lose belly fat or get a six pack abs

  2. How to gain muscle?

  3. How to increase my metabolism?

  4. How to stay motivated on my weight program?

Trina's Speaker Questionnaire
(required before consultation)
  • "Trina presents a different way to handle life!"  Tammi G.

  • "Trina helped to enhance my faith and spirit!"  Joan C

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