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30-Day Gut & Butt Transformation 

Boot Camp Classes $120

($250 Value)

This 30-Day Gut & Butt Transformation Boot Camp is designed to target the abs and lower body; which is the most challenging fat loss areas suffered by many woman.   This boot camp class  offers 12 classes designed to reshape your butt and take inches off your abs.  The boot camp Includes: a 1 hour customized consultation, a 30-day dietary guide customized to the boot camp class to blast stubborn fat on the hips, butt and abs areas, a 4-week progress tracking guide and a 30-Day meal & activity journal.                                     



To Be Resumed Spring 2017

Duncan Creek Park

3700 Braselton Highway

Decula, GA 30019


Monday, Wednesday:  TBA         

Saturday TBA


What's included?    


  • 30-Day Dietary Guide designed to blast gut & butt fat

  • 4-Week Progress Tracking Guide

  • 30-Day Meal & Activity Journal

  • 1 hour customized consultation (Consultation Form) 

       (Consultation form must be received before appt.)


How to get started and what to bring?

  • Sign up using the form to the right

  • Take a before photo:  front, back and both sides

  • Take measurement of:  waist, hips, and each thigh

  • Each transformer should bring the following:

    • Workout mat

    • Bottle(s) of water

    • Sweat towel

    • Wear comfortable tennis shoes

    • Gloves (optional)

    • Positive attitude and lots of energy    

  • After photo:  front, back & both sides (sharing optional)


Note:  Pre-enrollment prices is $120 and must be paid in 

           full to participate.   

           On-site cost is $130 by credit card or cash and must

           be paid in full to participate.


Note from the coach!


As a healthy lifestyle coach, I realize nothing fuels motivation like progress.  When the scale is showing weight loss, its very important to know which element caused the drop in weight: fat, muscle/water or bone.  The goal of any weight loss plan should focus on pure fat loss.  The easiest way to measure those elements is by use of a smart scale capable of measuring not only your weight, but should include fat, muscle, water and bone measurements.  


Although all scales are not calibrated the same, as long as you use the same scale throughout the process; the measure of change will be constant and is the most important data to extract. I recommend investing in a smart scale prior to this boot camp class or any weight management program.  You can invest in your future for better health and ordering your smart scale by clicking,

"I want a Smart Scale".

Terms and Conditions



The parties in this agreement is between Body Transformations by Trina/Caterina Claiborne and all boot camp participants referred to as "transformer" throughout this agreement.  

Each transformer acknowledges that payment will be processed within 24 hours of submitting registration/payment form.  This agreement can be canceled, and 100% refunded if cancellation is received by email to 3 days prior to start date.  After the start day, all funds are non-refundable.  Missed or unused class sessions are non-refundable. .


Future price rates and locations are subject to change at the discretion of Body Transformations By Trina/Caterina Claiborne with notification by email at least 24 hours before class.  It is the transformer's responsibility to forward updated contact information to Body Transformation by Trina/Caterina Claiborne by email, text or phone call.  All transformer must register and pay-in-full prior to participation.    


As a fitness coach, Body Transformation by Trina/Caterina Claiborne desires each transformer to achieve their fitness goals faster, safer and with permenant changes.  It is the transformer's responsiblity to participate at their own fitness level and be safe.  Body Transformation By Trina/Caterina Claiborne can not be held liable of any injuries sustained during, before or after boot camp participations.  It is the transformer's responsibility to contact his/her medical professional before starting this or any other exercise program.  


Attendance Policy:

Transformer should arrive at least 10 minutes before class for roll-call, and be presence for each class session.  Body Transformations by Trina/Caterina Claiborne understands that there will be unforeseen situations that may arise, and the class cancels due to weather.  Classes affected by weather will be added after the 30-days with notification to each transformer.  



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