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Secrets to Changing Habits Step-by-Step

Step One - Where Are My Habits?


Step Two - Understanding My Life's Movement


Step Three - Assess & Understand Your Starting Point

  Step Three Supporting Document/Tools:

          1.  Healthy Lifestyle Quiz

          2.  Smart Scale

          3.  Body Fat Percentage Charting


Step Four - Healthy Maintenance for Life

  Step Four Supporting Links:

          1.  The Cleaner

          2.  Detox

Habits that form successful habits:


1.  Find a home for items required & return it to the same       spot after each use like: lunch bag, gym bag, water           bottle, etc.


2. Use/consume it at the same time each day if possible         like:  taking supplements, eat every 2.5 to 3 hours.


3.  Keep it visual as a reminder, set a timer if you have to.

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