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My Purpose


I was raised in the south as a Baptist Christian and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior at a very early age.   Although I made that decision from my heart; eventually as an adult, I started feeling very empy and out of place.  That's when I decided to make Jesus Christ the Lord of my life on March 12, 2000.  This decision elevated my relationship with Him because  it allowed me to involve Him my in every area of my life just like a father.  Seeing Him as Lord, encouraged me to become more obedient to His words, and elevated my faith.  As I started meditating on His words, I realized the promises He desired for me as His child weres not active in my life.  That's when I knew I was missing something, so I had to go deeper into His words.  


As I made the decision to increase my faith, I reflected on March 2000 when I committed my life to Christ.  After a few months of prayer and meditation on the His word, it all started to became clear.  The first thing I realized I didn't have the right to abuse my body because my body was loaned to me by God to do His work while living on this earth.  Viewing my body in this prospective resonated with me, like when we rent a vehicle.  We tend to treat borrowed items better than the things we own, simply because we know we've got to return it and don't want to return it damaged in any way; preventing penalties.  
The second thing I realized, when a creator creates something, the creator has a purpose in mind; therefore, everything required to fulfill its purpose  is built within.  
With this revelation, I started evaluating all my talents and skills that simply came natural to me, and here's what I discovered:

1.  I realized while in high school I enjoyed and excelled in biology or anything having to do with the human body and           plant life.

2. I enjoyed working in the garden with my father.

3. Because I always had to watch my weight, I was accustom to working out aerobically between 5:00am to 6:00am. 

4. I started weight lifting in 1998 and discovered the muscularity I inherited from my father's side of the family.  It              revealed to me that I didn't have to work hard to gain muscle mass and obtain a symmetry most people take months        and sometimes years to achieve.  


5.  I love cooking... not only do I love it, but it relaxes me especially when I am creating my

      own recipes.  Being from the south (Louisiana), I  enjoy tweaking southern recipes and

      making them healthier, but maintain its flavor.  Southerners are all about the flavor.


6.  After researching my name; which is Caterina Valente Claiborne, I was totally

     convinced I was on the right track.  As it turns out, Caterina is a Greek word

     meaning, "Pure".  Valente is a Latin word meaning, "Good Health", and Claiborne

     is an Old English word meaning, "Born of the Earth"; therefore, my name means,

     "Pure Good Health Born of the Earth".  This knowledge gave me the inspiration to

     create my logo and branding colors of green, brown, yellow, black, red, white pink and

     blue.  Green represent the plants for food/life, Brown represents the soil/earth, Yellow

     represent the sun/energy, Blue represent the sky for oxygen/air, Black represent the

     dark sin that's lurking in the back ground ready to overtake us and the Red & White both represent

     purity.  White is known for purity and Red represents the blood of Jesus that purifies ALL sins; therefore,

     Pink is a mixture of red and white.  The Body Transformation logo embodies these colors in the form of a

     pyramid by combining the mind, body and soul of all humanity; as they are connected and we

     are responsible for transforming them towards peace, love and forgiveness to yield "good health".

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