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Body Transformations by Trina
Coaching Sessions

Permanent Body Transformation is Possible!

Ladies, never let anyone tell you to accept all the problems many endure while growing older.  As long as you have breath, you can transform your health, your fitness level and the shape of your body.  You only need the right tools tailored for your body and unique challenges.  Here is where you and I create your solutions for a healthier, stronger and a more sexier you! 

2016 @ Age 51

Body Transformation Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Sessions

This is a 12 week system with eight mandatory coaching sessions; meeting once per week the first 3 weeks and then every two weeks plus the 12th week.  Additional coaching sessions are available for individuals completing the 12 week system at a discounted price.  This system is designed to reveal your unique dietary set-point where permanent and pure fat loss is achieved.  Because the human body is 100% predictable when it comes to fat loss, this system incorporates the healthy principles that will force your body to have no other choice but to burn fat.  

This system is methodically designed to:

  • Reveal your unique dietary set-point for pure fat loss without counting calories.

  • Sublimely change your habits to aligned with healthy habits; forcing these new habits to become innate"second-nature".

  • Stop mindless snacking that leads to over eating.

  • Stop sweet cravings to prevent the "vicious cookie cycle".  The vicious cookie cycle occurs when carbs are digested, the blood sugar rise and quickly drops when insulin is released causing a false hunger.  People that crave carbs will gravitate to carbs as their next snack and this "vicious cookie cycle" is repeated throughout the day resulting in over eating.

  • Stop yo-yo dieting by unlocking the mystery to fat loss tailored to your body. 

  • Learn to use food and movement as a tool to force your body to transform and perform according to your unique fitness goals.

Lifestyle Complexity Based Coaching

The coaching is based upon lifestyle complexities because the amount of responsibilities carried in life has a direct impact upon the reflection in the mirror and how you feel physically and emotionally.  These coaching packages are categorized as:

  • FREEDOM - are individuals with no children and no pets.

  • LIMITED FREEDOM - are individuals with pets, or single parents with or without pets.

  • BALL & CHAIN -  are married couples or domestic partners with no children and no pets.

  • BALL/CHAIN & A FEW ROPES -  are married couples or domestic partners with children, or pets or both.

Note:  Coaching time for the Freedom levels is 1 hour and coaching time for the Ball/Chain levels is 1.5 hours.

Two Phase coaching

The Body Transformations Lifestyle coaching sessions consist of two phases:

  1. Healthy lifestyle mechanics coaching.

   2. Emotional/Spiritual               transformation coaching.


Phase one

The mechanics coaching phase involves evaluations of results achieved during the prior week(s); which include:

  • Reviewing Daily-Dietary Journal

  • Evaluating the results of the Progress -Tracking Journal

  • Reviewing Healthy Lifestyle Principles

  • Developing solutions to solve any lifestyle mechanics challenges.  For example:  Creating solutions based on lifestyle complexity to achieve eating every 2.5 to 3 hours per day. 

  • Making changes when the plan is followed 100% AND results are trending in the wrong direction.

  • Setting goals for the next session.

Downloadable Brochure

Phase two

The emotional/spiritual transformation coaching phase is designed to uncover your root cause of fat loss challenges.  The Body Transformation system is based on the spiritual fact that nothing in the natural exist without it being manifest by the spirit first.  This is where we uncover your real cause(s) responsible for the repeated action resulting in excessive body fat and constant yo-yo dieting to create reversal solutions.  The areas included but not limited to are:   

  • Uncovering the most important elements of your life (achieved elements & elements not yet achieved)

  • Identifying addictions vs. habits with reversal solution conducive to your fitness goals

  • Uncovering False Evidents Appearing Real (FEAR) resulting in depression with reversal solutions.

  • Identifying toxicity (people, places or things) plaguing your actions with reversal solutions.

  • Uncovering time management challenges and create simple solutions according to your life complexity.

  • Uncovering life prioritization challenges and create simple solutions according to your life responsibilities and complexities.

  • Creating a new/altered vision conducive to your fitness and life goals.

Start-up Package 

The Start-up Package include:

  • Customized Dietary Set-Point Meal Guide with Approved Food Categorized List

  • Daily Meal Dietary Journal - used to log meals, water consumption, etc.

  • Progress Tracking Journal - used to log weight, body fat%, Muscle Mass%, Water%, and Bone %.

  • Understanding How to Read Food Lable Guide.

  • Dinning Out Guide

  • Hidden Sugar Names as Ingredients List

  • Understanding the Effects of Alkalinity vs. Acidic pH Levels

  • Alkaline and Acidic Food List

  • Body Composition Charting

The Body Transformation Healthy Lifestyle System offer four packages, and all packages include the Start-up Package:

   A. Freedom & Limited Freedom  $950 


   B. Ball/Chain &

        Ball/Chain and a Few Ropes @ $1350

Free consultation is required before the start-date by completing the CONSULTATION FORM before the appointment.  To set the appointment, click HERE!

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Tailored Workout Consult Form

The packages above are also available with a tailored workout program based upon your fitness goals, your workout environment and the type of equipment accessible to you. 

Package A +

      Tailored Workout Program $1100

Package B +

       Tailored Workout Program: $1500

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A Note from the Coach!

As a healthy lifestyle coach, I realize nothing fuels motivation like progress.  When the scale is showing weight loss, its very important to know which element caused the change in weight: fat, muscle/water or bone.  The goal of any weight loss plan should focus on pure fat loss.  The easiest way to measure those elements is by use of a smart scale capable of measuring not only your weight, but your full body composition to include your:  fat, muscle, water and bone measured percentages.    


Although all scales are not calibrated the same, as long as you use the same scale throughout the process; the measure of change will be constant regardless of the calibration.  I highly recommend investing in a smart scale prior to this system or any other weight management program.  You can invest in your future for better health by obtaining a smart scale today by clicking, "I want a Smart Scale".

Contact Info:

Phone:  770-262-6340

Fax:  678-828-5865


Additional Coaching Sessions

Additional coaching may be required beyond the initial 12-week system due to the amount of fat loss required to reach your fitness goals or your spiritual & emotional reason(s) may require additional coaching to achieve your fitness goals.  


The additional coaching sessions are available to individuals that complete the initial 12-week system at a discounted coaching price of $600 paid in full for six months with 2 sessions per month or $900 paid in full for nine months with 2 sessions per month.  This discounted offer expires 60 days after the completion of the 12-week system.  After the discounted offer period the original  packages are available  for $950 for the Freedom & Limited Freedom Levels and 1350 for the Ball/Chain & Ball/Chain + Ropes. levels  The discounted coaching sessions are available for:

A.  Six months coaching

       with 2 sessions per month:  $600

B.  Nine months coaching

      with 2 sessions per month:  $900   

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