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Start-up Coaching Discount

This is where I get to share with you my expertise one hour at a time to help you implement daily activities on achieving your desired weight transformation goals or help you maintain the fat loss you previously achieved.  ALL COACHING PROGRAMS REQUIRE A 90-DAY (12 Weeks) COMMITTMENT.   


MANDATORY - We will meet a total of seven times (including the start-date) during the 12 week period.  We will meet once a week during the first 3 weeks; then every two weeks for the next 2 sessions and the remaining 2 sessions will be every three weeks.  If your goals require longer than 12 weeks, we will schedule additional visits based on your needs.  A 24 hour appointment cancellation notice is required and must be rescheduled.  The prices are as follows:


Start-Up-Package Options:  ALL START-UP PACKAGES 50% OFF For Preston Hills Residence (OFFER EXPIRES 05/16/15)

Package A - Lifestyle Meal Plan with Tailored Workout Program $300

Package B - Lifestyle Meal Plan Only  $200

Package C - Tailored Workout Program Only $100

Couples/Families - Buy one Start-Up-Package & any additional 50% off

   All Start-Up-Package Includes:

  • Initial Body Composition Test & Analysis

  • Initial Weigh-In

  • Initial Blood Pressure Reading

  • pH Balance Testing

  • Understanding Label Readings

  • Dining Out Guidelines

  • Maximum Heart Rate Analysis

  • Nutrition Coaching (excluded with Tailored Workout Program Only)


Coaching Sessions - $25 per hour (see Mandatory above)

   All Coaching Sessions Includes:

  • Body Comp Test & Analysis

  • Weigh-In

  • Blood Pressure Reading

  • pH Balance Testing

  • Nutrition Analysis

Body Composition Test - With Package=$25 per test (see Mandatory above)

                                            Without Package=$50 (include analysis)


Package Boot Camp Optional - $35 per Month Unlimited during your 12 week program.

                                                      (Only available with a Start-up Package)


Non-Package Boot Camp - See Prices on Boot Camp Classes.







Package A - $150 ------------>  

 50% off until 05/16



Package B - $100------------->

50% off until 05/16



Package C - $50-------------->

50% off until 05/16



Couples/Family Package - Make an Appointment 


Please have the CLIENT PROFILE completed prior to appointment.




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