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Julie True - Breathe Your PresenceJulie True
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Spring Cleaning for Your Wellbeing Conference




Your mindset is shaped by your childhood experiences and/or some other influencer(s) you've allowed to impact how you think about yourself, how you think about other people resulting in how you respond to life situations.  Unfortunately mindsets can be based on truth or very false information.

Limiting Beliefs that Keep You Stuck

  • I tried everything and I can never lose weight.

  • I was delt a bad hand in life because my entire family is over weight.

  • I'm "big bone" so I'll never be a size 8.

  • I don't have time to workout!

  • Eating healthy is too expensive!

  • I have to take care of my family first!

  • I don't like vegetables.

  • I don't like to workout.

  • I don't have a food addiction.

  • All wealthy people are evil

  • Money is the root of all evil

  • I'm destined for proverty because my family is poor

  • Being poor is a virture

  • It's because of my race I can't succeed

  • God is in control

  • God work in mysterious ways

  • I can never trust people

  • I can never be a millionaire

  • I'll never get married

Steps to a Better Mindset

Ask Yourself Better Questions:

  • How can I remap my day to take care of my health?

    • Conduct a family meeting to set or reset family goals​

    • Set new guidelines, boundraries, and distribute responsibilities

  • How can I use my talents & gifts to bring me wealth by helping others?

    • What problems others have I can use my talents & gifts to solve?

  • What do I believe about myself that's not true?

    • Mediate on God's word to discover what God says about you.​

    • Consult with the Holy Spirit for confirmation.

  • How can I honestly raise the funds to invest in my health, finance and my future.

  • What habits do I have that's keeping me stuck and how to discover the steps to make the changes I need?

How You Do One Thing is How You Do All Things, but Change is Available for Everyone!

Spend TIME to Increase Your VALUE

  • Create a time journal to expose how and where you waste time with valueless activities..

  • Discontinue watching the FAKE news.

  • Discontinue benge watching Netflix and other TV programs that's not increasing your value.

  • Spend less time on social media for entertainment.

  • Trade love novel books for books on better finance, relationships, health or any area of your life where you need help.

    • Clean out your home library and donate non-value books to the county library​

  • Invest in a life coach, personal trainer or mentor to help take you to new levels in life.

  • Listen to podcasts of experts with passions to help you live your best life based on truth.

  • Use Youtube, Skillshare an other leaning platforms to help educate you without the agenda to control you.

    Time is a commodity we use it to BUY LIFE!

Kingdom Solutions by Trina

Leaf Pattern Design
Prosperity Solution

Transform Your Resume' into an Interview Magnet

Your resume' should be a silent marketing document designed to generate multiple interview offers.   Most resumes fail to properly capture your value through past job experiences.  If the Job Placement Manager can't quickly discover your value on your resume'; it gets overlooked or rejected.

 This online course will take you step-by-step to transform your resume' with How-to videos, samples, examples and the rules for industries best practice in constructing a resume'.  Going through the course sequentially will result in a transformed resume' that stands out from any job competitor flooding you with job interview offers.

The Better You Express Your Value; the Higher the Income Offers!

Life Re-Map Solutions

God's Principles to Permanent Weight Loss Book

The Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles is an interactive course designed to reveal all internal and external factors driving your decisions that lead to continuous weight loss struggles. As you discover your unique factors, this course will help guide you in re-mapping your life & mind-set to implement the Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles for permanent weight loss success. The companion to this course is the workbook entitled "Operation: Life Re-Map for Divine Health sold separately.

White Structure
Weight Loss Solution

Online Permanent Lifestyle Transformation System
(PLT System)

The online PLT System will help you discover how to lose body fat permanently by uncovering the root cause of your struggles.    This system will help you understand how your body responds to nutrients, movement, stress, sleep issues and what spiritual battles are keeping you stuck in your health and life goals.  This system offers:

  • Lifetime membership

  • Perpetual updates on science backed data on health & weightloss

  • Exclusive membership to Kingdom Transformers Facebook Group

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Permanent Lifestyle Transformation

                        (PLT) System                       

a $1500 Value / Sold @ $150   


EXPIRES Sunday April 30th 7pm EST

Spring Cleaning for Better Health Permanently 
Women's Conference 2023 Discounts

ALL Special Discounts Expires 7pm EST April 30th

  • Resume' Transformation a $850 Value - Sold @ $85


  • Permanent Lifestyle Transformation

                        (PLT) System                       

a $1500 Value / Sold @ $150   



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NOTE:  Investment in any of the online courses and published books come with an EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP to Body Transformers Facebook Group

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