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Spring Cleaning for Better Health...


Women's Conference 2023!

Three Truths about HEALTH:

  • Excessive Body Fat is NOT a Problem, it's a Symptom.
  • Your Current Lifestyle Dictates how you Look, Feel and Move Now and in the Future.
  • Knowledge is NOT Power!   Only Knowledge that's TRUE  followed by ACTION is POWER!
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Permanent Lifestyle Transformation Goals

         FEEL BETTER                           LOOK BETTER                            MOVE BETTER
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Living a life where there's nothing missing, nothing broken and there's more than enough; like it is in Heaven!

Kingdom Lifestyle Coach, Trina Claiborne

Coach Trina is dedicated to coaching Christians and the oppressed to learn how to live a Kingdom lifestyle to successfully operate in two realms simultaniously; the natural and the supernatural.  She has been primarily called to transform the Body of Christ physically and spiritually by imparting spiritual laws established by God that impact their physical & natural realm.  Her passion for truth compels her to share these laws and show how to apply them through daily choices to re-shape life experiences.    

At a very young age she unknowingly prophesied over her own life during a conversation with her mother at the kitchen table.  Out of the blue she informed her mom that she will be living in either Atlanta, GA or Washington DC after graduating from college, and will be responsible for transforming the lives of many people.  Her move to Georgia on her birthday in 1991 was made possible through a series of supernatural events.  Over the years her passion for living a healthy lifestyle grew as she started weight lifting and learning how food and movement impacts how she look, feel and move.  Unfortunately after a major life set back she started slipping into old habits and found herself battling the

bulge again.  Finally she became sick and tired of participating in a yo-yo diet lifestyle due to emotional roller coasting.  Her second and final attempt in fitness began in late 2009 when she lost 40 pounds in 90 days while traveling; which is the title of her first book published on Amazon in 2017.  During that journey she discovered the secrets to permanent weight loss, and competed in her first bikini competion in 2012 at the age of 47. 

In early 2015 her relationship with her heavenly Father grew exponentially as she began praying in the spirit.  Once she lauched her second book in 2017 entitled "The Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles" and the "Operation Life Re-Map for Divine Health Workbook"; God gave her a series of dreams detailing His plan for her life.  Turns out the prophecy she shared with her mother as a child was spot on.  Through the Father's directions she launched the online course entitled "Permanent Lifestyle Transfomation (PLT) System" a step-by-step guide to transform how you look, feel and move for better health and longevity.

Trina is using the wisdom & knowledge from God, as well as her gifts, talents and life experiences to create vidoes, and other online courses to transform Christians and the oppressed worldwide to live a life where there's nothing missing, nothing broken, and there's more than enough just like it is in heaven.

Six Stumbling Blocks to Divine Health

Kingdom Solutions to Achieve Your Goals
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Spring Cleaning for Better Health Permanently 
Women's Conference 2023 Discounts

ALL Special Discounts Expires 7pm EST April 30th

  • Resume' Transformation a $850 Value - Sold @ $85


  • Permanent Lifestyle Transformation (PLT) System

                      a $1500 Value / Sold @ $150 

                 CONFERENCE DISCOUNT PRICE $105

For more details about the PLT System Click Here


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NOTE:  Investment in any of the online courses and published books come with an EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP to Body Transformers Facebook Group

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