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            TOXIC             RELATIONSHIPS

The Impact of Toxic Relationships

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The worse toxic relationships are personal relationships when the parties involved are church members, family members or a spouse.  The last thing anybody need is to go out into such toxic world, and then attend a church with toxic member or to return home to even more toxicity where you never get a break.

Here's the problem, being in toxic relationships activate the autonomic neverous system.  The National Institute of Health describes the autonomic nervous system as a component of the peripheral nervous system that regulates involuntary physiologic processes including heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, digestion, and sexual arousal.  It is divided into three anatomically divisions:

  • Sympathetic - The system that controls the "fight or flight" responses in attempts to prepare the body for strenuous physical activity such as: HITT, running from or protecting someone from danger or saving someones life.

  • Parasympathetic - The system that regulates "rest and digest" functions.

  • Enteric- is a quasi autonomous part of the nervous system that includes a number of neural circuits that control motor functions, local blood flow, mucosal transport & secretions, and modulates immune and endocrine (hormones) functions.

In order to lose weight and stay health, it's important to maintain a parasympathetic state throughout the day because chronic stress has the power to destroy your health, and eventually kill you if not managed properly.  To help make this complex system easier to understand, your emotional state triggers the autonomic nervous system.  

God's Check List to Eliminate Toxic People

The 9 Fruits of the Spirit

It's through test and trials the true condition of one's heart is revealed.

Fruits of God's Kingdom

Leads to Life!

Fruits of satan's Kingdom

Leads to Death!

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Rotten fruit.png

You ever wonder why certain people always develop relationships with toxic people?  As I've pondered over this throughout the years it appears to be many reasons.  Here's what's real for a person that's never lived in a home full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control; it's hard to know when you're in a toxic relationship.  Becoming a product of your environment is a real thing.  

The truth about toxic people is developed as a result of something gone wrong in the spiritual realm.  You see God's kingdom and satan's kingdom both produce fruits of the spirit.  In Matthew 7: 15 God shares how to use His fruit of the spirit to test the heart of a person.  These fruits represent the condition of a person's heart.  The fruits of satan's kingdom are the exact opposite of God's kingdom.  Here's the problem, satan will mimic the fruits of God's kingdom in public but behind closed doors satan's fruits will reign:  fear, anger, impatience, greed, anxiety, hatred, abuse, tyrany (control), and abandonment.  We see this played out all the time in the news headlines where a charismatic famous person or pastor being arrested for things like: spousal or child abuse and incest of family members.  I use to ask myself "how can this happen?" until I understood how the spiritual realm operates.  Here's a few pathways the fruits of satan enters the heart of a person:

  • Abandoment of a Parent or Guardian

  • Abuse of a Parent, Guardian or Spouse

  • Generational Curse

    • Mental Disorders (Psychopaths, narcissims, sociopaths etc.)​

  • Demonic Possessions/Opressions

  • Physical Trauma

  • Poverty

Its through the blood of Jesus Christ these pathways are sealed permanently.  

Being in a toxic relationship is never God's plan and there are "kingdom" ways of ending the relationship or the toxcity of the relationships with:  spouses, other family members, church members, co-workers, bosses, colleagues, business partners or whom ever you bring into your life.  The techniques of reversal varies depending on the dynamics of the relationship.   The PLT coaching addresses these issues because being in toxic relationship impacts your ability to live healthy in terms of:  weight loss, mental health, energy, sweet sleep and being the best you.  For a free consultaton click on the link below.


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