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Spring Cleaning for Your Wellbeing Conference

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Living and working in a toxic environment can impacts your mental health, physical health and could lead to death at the presence of harmful pathogens that are airborn, swallowed or absorb through the skin.  Remember the source of toxicity is not always physical; it could come from personality traits of others, spiritual deficits acted out in many ways and other emotional issues synergistically involving the people you've surrounded yourself with at home, work, and business or ministry.

Toxic Environmental Impacts on Health

         HOME LIFE                               WORK LIFE                     BUSINESS/MINISTRY
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Anything or anyone that compromise & cost you your peace & health are too expensive; its time to make a new investment!

Toxic Home Life
There's nothing better than returning to a peaceful home where you escape all the craziness in the world today.  If that's not how you feel about your home, its time to discover the root cause and get rid of it immediately.  Why?  Because living in a chronic toxic environment impacts your immune system and your autonomic nervous system.  When these two systems are out of wack, it sets your body up for disease, inflammation, fat gain, physical & mental fatigue, brain fog, sleep issues, depression, irritability and the tendency to make horrible lifestyle choices.  Nobody wants to be in that situation so let's talk about the two home life toxicities:  house structure health safety and home relationship health.


House Structure Health Safety - involves possible health hazards in your home impacting your health like: mold, toxic cleaning chemicals, allergies to pet hair or carpet fibers, bad air quality due to unclean HVAC systems.  These are things that can be exposed during a home inspection or allergy tests to help you choose the right solutions. 

Home Relationship Health - involves the quality of relationships you have with the people in your home.  It's always important to conduct a self evaluation to determine what part you're playing in the toxicity because it's the first step in solving any person problems.  Understanding and using the fruit of the spirit is the measuring stick to uncover the source of the issues.  Remember the condition of a person's heart is always revealed through their actions and the words that come out of their mouth as stated in Matthew 12:  33 - 35 (NKJV).  The protocols of correction is very diverse when it comes to relationships because of the complexity of beliefts, life experiences and possible unhealed soul wombs.  Satan's goal through toxic personal relationships is to get you in offense that leads to unforgiveness; the spiritual law that locks "you" out of God's blessings assigned to you.  The coaching service with the online PLT course addresses these areas because of the impact it has on living a healthy lifestyle.   There are three household categories to choose from:  Individual, Couples and Family where the individual must live alone and the couples/family must live under one roof.  To take advantage of this service at the conference discounted price simply click the link below.

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Toxic Work Life

Did you know the culture of a company is set in motion by the top leaders of that company?  As new companies grows the leaders tend to hire managers that can of course do the job, but also important to vibe with them on how to handle situations within the business.  If the leaders' personality is grounded in disrepecting people, devaluing others, and operating the business with zero integrity; that environment become infectious.  Companies that operate in this fashion tends to have a very high employee turnover rate, and never offer exist interviews when employees turn in their resignations.  

As you decide to get back in the job market, I encourage you to do a little homework about the company before submitting your resume'.  The Glass Door job search site and a few others job search engines offers employees an opportunity to share their experience with companies; of which can give you some idea on what to expect from the company.  In my experience, the first few months on the job everybody tends to put their best foot foward, but over time the true nature of their hearts starts to appear.  Here are a few solutions you can put into place while working in a toxic work environment:

  • Pray in the spirit every morning before arriving to work, and arrive on time.

  • Pray God's will for the person that causing you oppression.

  • Perform your work in excellence and become the expert in your department. 

  • Always respond with respect regardless of how co-workers, managers or customers communicate with you.

  • As a last resort, update your resume' to seek new employment.

If you decide to seek new employment, this will be the best time to upgrade your resume' to better showcase your skills, work experience and accomplishments over the past 5 to 10 years.  This is extremely important because the quicker a hiring manager can see your value the more likely they will want to interview you.  High perceived value tends to lead to higher starting salary offers.  The online Resume' Transformation course will help you do just that.  It is designed to transform your resume' into an interview magnet for multiple interview invitations.  To take advantage of the conference discounted price simply click HERE or the link below. 

Arranging Bottles

Business & Ministries

Toxic partnerships can destroy a business or ministry, and the legal ramifications can be very expensive to dissolve the partnership.  If you are already in this situation don't give up.  Partnering with the Father in prayer for guidance, and staying in right standing in His eyes are most important.  What that means is, it's okay to be angry but sin not.  The book of Proverbs offers tons of wisdom concerning your life as well as running a business.  I encourage you to mediatate on Proverbs to extract the nuggets you need to dissolve, revise, rebuild or build the business or ministry as God directs you.  

Biblical Book.png

Bill English is a Christian author and business owner that has capture God's wisdom in his book entitled "Bible Wisdom for Business Leaders|Thirty Sayings from Proverbs".  I love how he organized the book in such a way that help any Christian business owner, minister or non-profit owner to use these wisdoms to create the culture for the business or ministry.  It also helps when making partnership decisions such as; who to hire and what position they should support.  God has given everybody an assignment on earth, and each person was born with the talents & gifts required to perform the tasks.    Partnering with the Holy Spirit to help reveal the fullness of your purpose is vitally important so you will not miss the mark.  

Bill English_edited.jpg

Being an employee of a toxic business or ministry come with a few of the same headaches as the owners; except dealing with legal issues if you decide to leave the organization.  The Kingdom solutions starts with asking the Holy Spirit the right questions such as:  Is this organization apart of your heavenly assignment? or Will your current position teach your or perfect the skills needed in preparation for your heavenly assignment?  If the answer is yes, let the word of God change your mind-set to see your situation from heaven's prospective.  Letting the word of God renew your mind will position you to change the atmosphere at your workplace, and the oppressors will flee supernaturally as you pray and stay in right standings with the Father.

Spring Cleaning for Better Health Permanently 
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