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The Truth about MONEY:

  • Money is an Amplifier of the Heart. 
  • In God's Kingdom Money Flows like a River.
  • In satan's kingdom Money is Stagnant like a Reservior.
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Money is NOT the Root of all Evil; its the LOVE of MONEY that's the root of ALL Evil!

What God Says about Money!

         TRUST IN                                      TITHE                                   PROSPER & 
                HIM                                                                                   GIVE GENEROUSLY

The Mystery of MONEY!

Money is an Amplifier of the Heart:

Remember the lesson concerning the fruits of the spirit which represents the condition of a person's heart?  When money is placed in the hands of an individitual with the fruits of satan spirit(s), their goals is to hord as much money as possible by any means necessary.  These people tend to use money for the own needs and rarely use it to help others, but use it to control others.  Money and power grows simultaneiously ; it will allow an evil person to detroy the lives of many people.  The biggest threat to satan's kingdom is an extremely rich Christian using their time, talents, gifts, influence and money to spread the gospel, destroy satan's kingdom, and help improve the lives of others simultaneously.  This brings us the next next truth about money.

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In God's Kingdom Money Flows Like a River:

Unfortunately we live in a fallen economic world where nothing is free; therefore you must have money to live and it take money to get the gospel around the world.  There is a supernatural mystery about money I'm about to reveal.  There is no money in heaven; money was created on earth and is used as a tool to gain material possessions, to provide resources for others in order to help make their lives and your life better, and to have the freedom to enjoy life.  

Tithing is a supernatural promise from God that unhooks your money from this fallen world.  It is NOT the determining factor on going to heaven or hell.  Let me repeat that, tithing is not the determing factor on your going to heaven or hell.  Let's take a look at what God said about tithing in Malachi 3:  8 - 12 (NKJV):

In these verses God is speaking with His people about how they are robbing Him through tithes and offerings because they have been cursed with a curse.  The curse God is speaking of took place in the garden of Genesis when Adam disobeyed God by eating from the Tree of Good & Evil.  Before this crime mankind operated exactly like God in terms of speaking instantly into existance anything he desired; therefore, money was not a requirement.  After the fall of mankind God told Adam the ground will no longer respond to your voice; you'll have to work hard to get the fruits of your hand to produce (Genesis 3: 17 - 19).  That was the beginning establishment of the economic system to obtain materials and goods we need to live on this fallen earth.   God established tithing as a supernatural way of protecting our finances from the grips of satan.  The act of tithing is a form of faith, and faith in God's word is how we snatch His promises from the heavenly realm into this natural world.  In Malachi 3: 10 - 12  God shares what He will do when we tithe and give offerings.   He goes on to say He will open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing so massive you will not have room to receive it all.  And He will rebuke satan when it comes to your finances so that he will not be able to destroy the fruits of your ground (that means EVERYTHING you own), and what ever you build with your gifts and talents will not fail.  As a results the entire world we see that you are blessed beyound measure and will glorify your presense in their land.

As you are obedient to God concerning your finances, He will supernaturally get more money to you because He trust you to be a financial distribution center for His kingdom.  In other words, He'll put His supernatural powers on your natural efforts.

In satan's Kingdom Money is Stagnant like a Reservoir:

As stated earlier, the fruits of the spirit exposes the condition of a person's heart.   How a person use money parallels with the spiritual condition of a person's heart.  An individuals operating under satan's kingdom will never use money to better the life of others without a selfish motive.  It's no secret money and power are like brother & sisters and they love to hang out together.   Money bring power and a person living in darkness will use money to get more money by any means to remain in power.  That includes: stealing, killing and destroying anything and anyone.  Money is not the root of all evil; it's the LOVE of money that's the root of all evil.   We are suppose to love people and bless them using money if necessary.

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Prosper & Give Generously

Although God's desire for His people is to prosper, there are many reasons why too many are not financially prospering such as:   having wrong mind-sets, lack of financial knowledge, believing wrong information, personality traits, generational curses, hanging around the wrong people or partnering with the wrong business partner just to name a few.  Prosperity is not just about money, it's about living a life where there is nothing missing, nothing broken and there's more than enough.  For the sake of this topic, we'll focus on money simply because as a kingdom lifestyle coach it's been proven that the lack of money has a major impact on lifestyle choices.  

Before the foundation of the world, God established a purpose in every individual and equiped us with the gifts and talents we need to get the job done.  Not discovering your purpose will cause you to make bad decisions concerning:  marriage, timing concerning when & if to have children, employment, friendships, idle time, where you live, electing to join a certain church, the ministry you commit to, how you dress, what you listen to, what education you pursue and many other things you do with your time and money.  How you prosper is important because it will impact how you are able to not just give but give generously as God desires.   Helping customers deal with the money issue is when I started offering an income solution through the online course Resume' Transformation.


This online Resume' Transformation Course is desgined to transform your resume' into an interview magnet.  In lifestyle coaching I've discovered many people are miserable with their job for a number of reasons.  Being under paid is the worse because it impacts your ability to do anything and everything in your life as well as for the people in your life.   Even if you haven't discovered your purpose, you still need to have income to live.  In our social environment people frown upon a person that boast about themselves, and too many times that mentality is reflected in resumes.  That's a hugh mistake because unless you are referred by an employee; your resume' is a silent marketing document reflecting your skills, experiences and achievements in such a way to compel a hiring managers to call you for an interview.  There's nothing worse than seeing a job posting where you know you have what it takes to do the job, but your resume' gets rejected or the phone never rings.  

The process of landing interviews have drastically changed over the years and this online course will  guide you step-by-step with the following benefits:    

  • Videos & examples providing step-by-step modules resulting in a totally transformed resume'

  • Understanding the new rules & guidelines for writing each component of a resume'.

  • Reveal job searching industry secrets and best practices when searching for a job. 

  • Details how to recall every duties & responsibilites you performed on prior jobs and current jobs. 

  • Show how to capture the right keywords that attracts hiring manangers' search engine. 

  • Show how to showcase your skills, experiences and accomplishments to increase your value in the eyes of the hiring manager; resulting in higher salary offers.

  • Lifetime access with perpetual updates as the job search industries changes over time.

This course is valued at $850 and sales for $85.  During the conference this course is available at $60 and expires on April 30th.  To enroll in the course simply click the link below.

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Spring Cleaning for Better Health Permanently 
Women's Conference 2023

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