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Julie True - Breathe Your PresenceJulie True
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Spring Cleaning for Your Wellbeing Conference

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The Truth about Soul Wounds

  • Soul wounds are the product of unforgiveness.
  • Unforgiveness is a tool satan uses to steal, kill and destroy YOU; not the offender.
  • The offender is already on satan's team; consciously or unconsciously.
  • Soul wounds can also lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Steps to Closing SOUL WOUNDS

           REPENTANCE                         FORGIVENESS                                 PRAYER

...AND REPEAT until you no longer desire to sling the person under a bus!

Repentance: It appears in some religions, confession of sins is confused with repentance.  When James in James 5:16 (ESV) advised the people to confess their sins to other believers of the faith, it was so they could strengthen 


eachother through prayer.  This act is very important because one of satan's tactic to steal, kill and destroy you is to make you feel alone, ashamed and then you try to deal with your sins by yourself.  That's when satan can devour you through isolations and shame.  Repentance on the other hand is when you allow the word of God change the way you think, and your reaction to life will be in alignment with God's way of handling things on earth.  Repentance and salvation resides in the same bucket.  When you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, that 

simple act signifies you are changing your ways and adopting God's way of living.  Repentance is the first step in closing soul wounds.  Soul wounds can be created by several sources such as:  a wrong way of thinking, self imposed word curses, ungodly act(s), being tricked into believing a lie or simply disobeying a word from God.  Action base on those sources usually leaves you hurt physically, emotionally or disappointed at such a deep level it leaves a soulish wound only the word of God can close.  This step requires a self examination to see how you participated in creating your soul wound(s).

Forgiveness:  This is the second step in closing soul wounds.  It is a powerful spiritual law that can keep the windows of heaven open or shut it down faster then the speed of light when you choose not to forgive.  This may be another mystery I reveal where God's intention for earth to be a reflection of heaven.  The act of sending His son Jesus Christ to earth as a perfect sacrifice to FORGIVE the sins of all mankind is a reflection of God's heart; therefore, our heart must be a reflection of His heart filled with forgiveness.   You see the modality of God and satan are parallel in many ways.  When they seek a person to partner with them for their kingdom, they look for a reflection of themselves in the heart of a person.  Even the prophet Samuel


shared this about God in 1 Samuel 16:  1-3 (ESV).  The sad part about un-forgiveness is  satan knows this act shuts down heaven better than most Christians.  It is one of his top tactics to shut down not just Christians but all of mankind, and he's very successful because he hide behind the person carrying out the offense.  The apostle Paul warned us in Ephesians 6:12 (NKJV)  where we are not fighting against the people on earth, but with the demonic entities working through the people.  How satan choose a person is by seeing a reflection of him in their hearts.  This is what the disciple Peter shared about satan in 1 Peter 5: 8 in many different translations.   Never forget forgiveness also includes forgiving God as well as yourself.  Self-condemnation impacts your boldness to go before the Lord in prayer, and if you believe God is the offender that only means satan tricked you into beliving it.   


Prayer:  This is the final step in closing soul wounds.  Once you make the decision to forgive from your intellect, partnering with the Father through prayer is giving Him the authority to release His supernatural power and connect with your natural decision to forgive.  You see soul wounds impacts your spirit and spiritual wounds can only by close by the spirit of God.  Once you repeatedly start to pray God's will for your offender, your heart will eventually release the bitterness.  Use the Forgiveness Pledge below to help you get free from un-forgiveness.

My Pledge to Forgiveness!

Father thank you for hearing me every time I pray.  Thank you for your Mercy, Grace, and Forgiveness through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Father, as a reflection of your love for me I choose to forgive (FILL IN THE OFFENDER) for (FILL IN THE OFFENSE).  Father I lay this upon your alter and I ask for your help with forgiving them with my whole heart.  Father, I pray that your will for (FILL IN THE OFFENDER) is manifested swiftly.

Father, I thank you for answering this prayer and I receive your blessing for right standing in your eyes in the name of Jesus.  [Luke 6:32 - 37 (NKJV)]


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